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Health concerns can come up over debt problems

A person's health can be affected by a very wide range of things. This includes things that aren't typically considered health-related. For example, debt/credit issues could have health implications for a person.

Debt and credit problems can affect a person in many ways, some of which could be harmful to their health. For example, credit/debt troubles could:

  • Impact a person's behavior regarding health-care-related expenses. The financial strain coming out of debt problems could lead to a person deciding to skip certain health-care-related things (such as going in for regular check-ups) to try to cut expenses. This could have negative implications for a person's physical health.
  • Put key goals a person has at risk of being out of reach. When a person's long -term goals seem to be in danger, it could hurt their self-worth and create challenges related to emotional health.
  • Expose a person to a lot of stress. The financial and credit ramifications of debt struggles can lead to a great many stressful situations. Facing high levels of stress can be hard on a person's health, including their mental health.

So, staying financially healthy can play an important role in protecting one's physical, emotional and mental health.

This contributes to how important it can be to respond quickly when debt problems arise. The longer debt/credit troubles are allowed to sit without being addressed, the longer they can have to have negative impacts on a person's life, such as negative health impacts.

One thing that can be critical in promptly and appropriately responding to debt struggles is understanding what options one has related to debt relief, including possible bankruptcy options. So, promptly reaching out to a bankruptcy lawyer for guidance on one's options for response can be important when a serious debt problem raises its head.

Source: The Orange County Register, "3 ways bad credit can ruin your health," Amy Osmond Cook, April 28, 2017

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