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3 violations that could constitute wrongful termination

For you and many other people, your job acts as your livelihood. Without it, you could struggle financially, which could result in an inability to provide for yourself and your family. You could also struggle mentally due to the stress and other turmoil that could come from the loss of a job. Unfortunately, you may have found yourself in such a situation after an employer terminated you from your position.

Your predicament may seem even more stressful if you believe that your dismissal came about unjustly. Of course, wrongful termination can prove difficult to feel certain about, and therefore, you may wish to closely assess the details of your situation. Though an employer does have the ability to dismiss you from your position for valid reason, certain actions could constitute unjust termination.


Anti-discrimination laws exist in order to prevent workers from facing unjust actions in the workplace based on race, gender, religion, disability and various other factors. If you believe that your employer fired you from your job simply because of one of these aspects, you may have cause to file a claim for wrongful termination. You could bolster your case if you have a relatively clean work record and have evidence of previously facing discriminatory action in the workplace.

Contract terms

If you signed a contract when you began your employment, those terms bind both you and your employer. Therefore, if you uphold your end of the agreement and your employer dismisses you against the terms of the contract, you may have reason to take legal action against him or her.


Though an employer could be well within his or her rights to terminate you from your job for failing to perform your work duties, he or she cannot use dismissal as a form of retaliation for your refusal to carry out illegal acts. If your boss wants you to ignore safety regulations or environmental protections in the course of your work duties and you refuse, you should not face negative repercussions.

If an employer threatens you with firing in an attempt to get you to commit an illegal act, you may wish to report it to the appropriate parties.

Taking action

If you believe that any of these violations of your protections as an employee resulted in your termination, you may wish to consider your legal options. Taking steps to understand wrongful termination and whether your situation fits into that category could help you move forward more efficiently. Speaking with a knowledgeable California attorney may prove useful to you in this endeavor.

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