Ron Koblin, Montrose, CA

Immediate Courteous Guidance

As an experienced businessman and homeowner, I've had the opportunity to work with a number of attorneys and have NEVER found one as courteous, responsive, and directly helpful as Michael Jaurigue. More specifically, he helped us with a notoriously "impossible-to-get" loan modification, which we did get - and one which lowered our monthly payment by nearly 50 percent! He is now helping us with a new legal matter, and we would have hired no-one else!

We came to Mr. Jaurigue with a specific challenge and needed both an explanation of our legal options and a specific strategy to improve our current situation. Michael provided immediate courteous guidance and followed through with a plan that was affordable, and most importantly, successful! His idea became the basis for our course of action - which may have saved our home!

For any real estate related transaction or personal financial reorganization, including bankruptcy, there is no-one I would recommend above Michael Jaurigue. If your need is something Michael can handle, stop looking and get started with Jaurigue Law Group.

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