March 2017 Newsletter

NewsletterMarch 1, 2017 by Jaurigue Law Group

This marks my fifth year at JLG and, not coincidentally, my fifth year selected as a Super Lawyers Rising Star. Only 2.5% of attorneys in California appear on this prestigious list. The selection process is rigorous-peer nominations and evaluations are combined with independent research. Then, each candidate is evaluated based on twelve indicators of professional achievement, such as verdicts and settlements, representative clients, experience, and community service.

I say it's no coincidence because, as a JLG attorney, I am always pushed to do my best. Not only do we work every day to master certain areas of law, such as labor & employment and consumer protection, we don't shy away from taking on novel issues and challenges. We consider all of our clients friends and family and, as a result, work harder to ensure their satisfaction. JLG is comprised of brilliant attorneys from top-notch schools, such as Berkeley, USC, and UCLA. Not to mention, I work with my husband, David Zelenski - one of the smartest attorneys I know - and also recognized as a Super Lawyers Rising Star for the past five years. As you can see, my selection as a Super Lawyers Rising Star is not something I did on my own. I did it with the help of my David and the JLG Team.


Abigail Zelenski
Shareholder/Managing Counsel

Did You Know?

Did you know that bankruptcy can be the first step towards future financial success?

Walt Disney, P.T. Barnum, Milton Hershey, Henry John Heinz, Henry Ford, J.C. Penney, and four U.S. presidents (Lincoln, Grant, Jefferson, McKinley) all went bankrupt before achieving personal prosperity. As the Supreme Court has explained, the goal of bankruptcy is to give "a new opportunity in life and a clear field for future effort, unhampered by the pressure and discouragement of preexisting debt."

Every year, bankruptcy helps hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses put their financial past behind them and start fresh.

Whistleblower Claims Are Up

In 2016, the IRS marked its 10th anniversary for the Whistleblower Reward Program.

According to the 2016 Annual Report issued by the IRS on January 11, 2017, approximately $3.4 billion was collected in tax revenue from individuals
and businesses that attempted to evade taxes.

Abigail Joins the PABA Board

PABA Board
JLG is pleased to announce that its very own Abigail Zelenski has joined the Board of Governors of the Philippine American Bar Association ("PABA").

PABA is the largest local association of FilipinoAmerican lawyers in the United States. PABA was founded over 30 years ago to address issues confronting the Filipino-American community and provide a support network for Filipino-American attorneys in Southern California. Today, PABA sponsors a wide range of activities from educational to social events, including scholarship and mentorship of law students.

PABA Adobo Night

PABA Adobo Night
Good food, good company, and some shenanigans at the PABA Adobo Night on 2/9/17 hosted at Abigail Zelenski's home. Pictured above: Abigail, Michael, and PABA Board members and guests.

Read Across America: In honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Dr Seuss Birthday
Pictured above: Nefe Ramsey at Harrison Elementary School for National Read Across America Day

Estate-Planning Jumble

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Oakwood Publishing Party

Oakwood Publishing Party