Get Compensation for Meal and Rest Break Violations

Employees in California who work for five or more hours must receive a 30-minute unpaid meal break. In addition to this meal break, workers must be allowed to take a 10-minute paid rest break for every four hours of work or major fraction thereof. Employees who have had their proper meal and rest breaks denied may be able to get compensation from their employers.

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What Are Meal and Rest Break Violations?

Any time your employer requires you to work through your legally protected break, it is breaking the law. Most commonly, employers make employees work through entire or parts of meal breaks without offering compensation. To count as a meal break, a worker must not be responsible for any work-related activities for at least 30 minutes.

Many activities can qualify as meal and rest break violations in California, including:

  • Waiting too long to allow an employee to take a break
  • Not providing a second meal break after 10 hours on the clock
  • Misinforming workers of their right to meal and rest breaks
  • Inaccurately recording meal and rest breaks

Compensation and Break Violations

You can receive compensation from your employer any time it makes you work through your meal or rest break. The California Labor Code requires employers to give employees one hour of pay for each missed break, for up to two hours of additional pay per day.

Our firm can fight for your compensation if your employer denies your right to meal and rest breaks. We have a thorough knowledge of the California Labor Code and a history of success for clients. Our attorneys also create policies for businesses that allow them to avoid potential litigation.

Do Not Wait to Get Help After a Denied Break

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