Lawyers Who Can Recover Unpaid Wages and Back Pay

Wage theft, denied breaks, and employee misclassification are common problems for workers across California. You need experienced legal counsel if your employer refuses to pay your full wages or denies your valid breaks. At JLG Lawyers, we help clients across California get maximum compensation for their wage-and-hour claims.

You can set up a free consultation at our Glendale or San Francisco office by calling 818-630-9099. In this free, 30-minute meeting, our employment law attorneys can review your pay stubs, employment contracts, and other relevant case details. We have extensive experience and a long history of success for employment law clients.

Knowledgeable Attorneys for All Types of Wage-and-Hour Claims

Our lawyers' highest priority is to get your back pay, full benefits, and compensation. We can represent your best interests in negotiations and in the courtroom. Our attorneys do not back down from challenging disputes, and we will manage the complexities of your case.

We represent clients with all types of wage-and-hour claims, including:

  • Unpaid wages and overtime: Your employer must pay your full wages for all time worked, including overtime. If your employer refuses to pay your entire earned wage, contact our firm.
  • Misclassification: Classifying employees as independent contractors allows businesses to underpay wages and deny benefits. Our lawyers can investigate your classification and determine if your employer misclassified you.
  • Denied meal and rest breaks: California law guarantees that workers periodically receive meal and rest breaks. We will protect your employment rights if your employer denies your breaks.
  • Pay stub claims: The California Labor Code requires pay stubs to include information about an employee's hours worked, gross wages, and deductions. Employees can get compensation for every pay period that their employer fails to follow the law. Call our firm to speak with a knowledgeable pay stub claim lawyer.

Our employment attorneys have a thorough understanding of all relevant state and federal labor laws, including the California Labor Code and Fair Labor Standards Act. We understand the effective legal strategies used by both sides of the courtroom in a wage dispute.

Contact a Proven Firm for Wage-and-Hour Claims

People who have lost wages or unpaid overtime should take immediate action. We can assist people who have wage-and-hour claims in Los Angeles and San Francisco and throughout California. Set up your free consultation by calling 818-630-9099 or by sending us an email. Se habla español.