Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Business Reorganizations

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing may be the right choice if your business is unable to afford its debt payments. This bankruptcy filing, also called a business reorganization, lets businesses stop creditor harassment while they create a plan to get back to profitability. At JLG Lawyers, we help businesses of all sizes reorganize their debts so that they can remain solvent.

Our firm assists business owners in Los Angeles and across California with their bankruptcy filings. Our founding attorney, Michael J. Jaurigue, is a fellow business owner who understands the challenges of running a profitable business. JLG Lawyers' bankruptcy attorneys will create a personalized strategy for your bankruptcy filing so that your business can remain open. You can call our Glendale or San Francisco office at 818-630-9099 to schedule your free, 30-minute consultation.

Let Us Help You Overcome Business Debts

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy requires you to create a plan that will both appease your appointed trustee and realistically allow your business to make money. In addition to creating the plan, business owners must go through the process of filing the appropriate paperwork and satisfying monthly reporting requirements to the trustee and the court.

Our attorneys have decades of experience with both business and bankruptcy law. We will ensure that your bankruptcy filing has the correct paperwork and a solid plan. Our lawyers will also review debt relief alternatives and determine if you can avoid the bankruptcy process.

Do Not Wait to Get Help With Your Business Debts

Contact our firm if your business is having issues with profitability. In many cases, we can start the bankruptcy process early so that your business avoids disruptions. You can set up your free, 30-minute meeting with a lawyer by calling 818-630-9099 or by sending us an email. Se habla español.

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