Trusted Debt Relief Attorneys for Business and Individuals

When most people imagine their life after bankruptcy, they think of losing everything. A complete loss is not the reality for most people who file for bankruptcy and many filers can keep their homes and belongings. At JLG Lawyers, we guide businesses and individuals across California to debt-free futures and financial stability with bankruptcy filings.

You can call our Glendale or San Francisco office if you are having issues paying your debts. Our attorneys will work closely with you to find the best possible solution for your overwhelming debt. You can call us now at 818-630-9099 to set up your free, 30-minute consultation with our experienced lawyers.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Who Create Personalized Debt Relief Plans

We take the time to understand our clients' finances and unique situations. In your free consultation, we will review your financial problems and give you a realistic idea of what you can expect from the process and your bankruptcy and nonbankruptcy options.

We assist clients with all aspects of bankruptcy filings and debt relief, including:

  • Individual bankruptcies: We help individuals and families get relief from their debts with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. These bankruptcy filings can let you eject or reorganize your debts so that you can get out from under crushing payments.
  • Business bankruptcy filing: Our lawyers help business owners reorganize their debts with Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. Business owners can create a plan that lets them resolve their debt problems so that they continue to run their business. Individuals with multiple businesses, properties, or other assets may also be good candidates to restructure and reorganize their debts with a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.
  • Bankruptcy alternatives: Filing for bankruptcy is not the only way that we help people get debt relief. Our attorneys will explain your alternatives to bankruptcy so that you can make an informed choice.

When Is the Right Time to File for Bankruptcy?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, your first step is to understand what bankruptcy can do for you, the pros and cons of filing, and the cost of filing. Bankruptcy filings help consumers and businesses eliminate their debts and repay their creditors. This process gives people with financial difficulties relief from overwhelming debt.

By filing for bankruptcy, you can prevent the foreclosure of your home and the repossession of your vehicle. Most people who start the bankruptcy process can immediately stop debt collectors from pursuing further collection activities. If you are unable to afford your minimum credit card payments or if you are already behind on debt payments, you should call our firm.

The right time to file bankruptcy is highly dependent on an individual's or business's unique circumstances. Call today for a free, 30-minute consultation and assessment.

Some of the most common reasons to file for bankruptcy include:

  • The unexpected loss of a job or income
  • A medical bill or accident
  • The loss of income from a divorce
  • Legal fees from litigation

A Bankruptcy Case Study

Client X had a home and 17 investment properties. They all had negative equity and cash flow. JLG Lawyers handled Client X's Chapter 11 reorganization, prevented foreclosures, and restructured the loans on all 18 properties. Now Client X has over $1.5 million in equity and all the investment properties have a positive cash flow.

Attorneys Who Focus on Long-Term and Cost-Effective Solutions

Our lawyers work to get long-term success for our bankruptcy clients in Los Angeles and across the state. Call our firm now at 818-630-9099 to set up your free consultation at our firm. You can also send us an email to get answers to your questions.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.