Your rights when wrongful termination or sexual harassment occurs

Employees in California expect to be able to go to work, do their job and be free from a hostile environment. Unfortunately, despite all of the advances we have made as a society, discrimination and harassment still occur in the workplace. In many cases, discrimination is based on race, religion or nationality. In other cases, gender discrimination or even sexual harassment occurs. In the worst of cases, the discrimination or harassment can lead to a wrongful termination.

Fortunately, those who believe that they have been the victim of discrimination or sexual harassment have legal options under state and federal employment law. For discriminatory acts, victims may need to reach out to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which can conduct investigations of alleged discrimination. For sexual harassment, victims may be able to file a lawsuit directly against the employer.

The key part of defending your rights under employment law is to know your rights. Victims of these shameful acts may feel shame themselves - and, as a result, they may be hesitant to report the illegal conduct. But there is no shame in holding an employer accountable for illegal discrimination or sexual harassment.

At the Jaurigue Law Group, we do our best to help California residents who believe they have been subjected to discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace. We attempt to help our clients understand their legal options, whether that means pursuing a settlement with the employer or taking the case all the way to a trial. For more information about how we might be able to help in your unique circumstances, please visit the labor and employment section of our law firm's website.