To whom does the ADEA apply?

Most Californians who have held jobs outside of their homes may know that employers are not allowed to discriminate against them. However, what discrimination is and how it may apply in a work setting may not be as clear. There are many different protected classes into which a Glendale resident may fit, but the remainder of this post will focus on age discrimination and the applicability of the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) to workers.

First, ADEA is not a universal law. It does not apply to all workers. In fact, it only applies to workers who are 40 years of age and over.

ADEA applies to practically all employment-related fields. An employer may not discriminate against an applicant for a job based on their age. Once a person is employed the employer may not discriminate against them based on age when it comes to promotions, the assignment of work-related tasks, or the application of benefits.

This law also prohibits harassment which differs from discrimination. Ongoing and serious cases of harassment may create hostile working environments for the workers who are targeted by the harassers comments. Age is only one of the categories on which workplace bullies may fixate and harass their victims.

Californians who have been harassed at work have rights and should seek legal assistance from professionals in their communities. No one should be removed or forced from a job because of their age or because of their inclusion in a legally protected classification.