Bill S., Los Angeles, CA

They Build The Plan Around You

Jaurigue Law Group has done a tremendous job in handling my estate planning. Their care and understanding has made what I thought would be a difficult discussion very easy and painless. The confidence that they have provided to me to know that now my family is taken care of, no matter what happens, is second to none. This is not a law firm that is out to make a buck. This firm really takes the time to get to know you, then they build the plan around you as opposed to the one size fits all philosophy that other legal services use. Jaurigue Law Group is truly a firm of great lawyers who care.

Tania C., Los Angeles

Professional, Knowledgeable, Kind

I have much gratitude to Romben for all his dedication and hard work. Just when things were looking bad for my deportation case, he was able to turn things around with his knowledge and resourcefulness. He provided me with options on how to proceed, and he kept in touch with me, communicating the stages and updates of my case. Throughout the entire process, Romben patiently clarified any questions my husband and I had. In addition to the success of my case, Romben assisted my business colleague who was quite fond of his work as well. Romben is professional, knowledgeable, kind, patient and generous with his time and information. He pays attention to the details that could make a difference in your case.

Valerie R. Branca, Sun Valley, CA

Amazing Results

Mr. Jaurigue guided us through several stressful months always being available to answer endless questions and calm fears. He negotiated an amazing loan modification on our primary residence, and Mr. Jaurigue and his staff also negotiated four loans on our rental properties, all with amazing results.

Eve L., San Bernadino, CA

Personalized Attention

Attorney Michael Jaurigue helped me accomplish my goals and objectives with less stress, anxiety, and pressure. I was also provided personalized attention to all matters that concerned my situation. I am extremely satisfied with his services and would highly recommend him to others.

Edmond V., West Covina, California

Abigail represented me as the lead plaintiff in a class action against my former employer. She always found the time to respond to all of my inquiries. I was satisfied with the settlement reached in my case. The settlement benefitted not only me but also a class consisting of my former co-workers. Because I was pleased with her diligence and professionalism, I have continued to seek Abigail’s counsel in other matters as well.

K. Nguyen, business owner, San Jose

High Degree of Professionalism

The Jaurigue Law Group represented me in a wrongfully accused business litigation case. This firm helped me get back nearly $60,000 after money had been wrongfully taken from my bank accounts. They were diligent in their representation and advocacy to reverse the judgment. This ordeal was hurting my businesses but they were able to help get the full amount returned quickly. They proceeded with a high degree of professionalism and also won sanctions against the other party.

Divinity L., Los Angeles, CA

Michael will do his best for you, not because his contract says he will, but because he actually cares. Just have a consultation with him – once you meet with him you’ll know right away that he is honest and decent. You have so many other things to stress about right now – your attorney shouldn’t be one of them. Michael is about as far away from the stereotypical “short” attorney as a person could get. The best advice Michael gave me was to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy-I was able to save all my properties.

D. Libby, Los Angeles, CA

I was able to save all of my properties after Michael suggested I file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He is about as far from the stereotyped “short” attorney as a person could get. Michael will do his best for you, not because his contract says he will, but because he actually cares.

Pres & Evelyn Lobato, Los Angeles, CA

Honest and Trustworthy

Thank you and your wonderful staff so very much with the success of our loan modification. After meeting with you we knew you were honest and trustworthy, and you showed compassion with what we were experiencing. Your office is very friendly, professional, comfortable and easy to communicate with, and seeks all options to accomplish the task. Once again, thank you.

Lori Trottier, Aliso Viejo, CA

Professional and Pleasant

Mike is very professional and pleasant to work with. He successfully reduced my principle on my mortgage by over $20,000.

Tim Hainline, Anaheim, CA


Our experience with Jaurigue Law Group was exceptional! We were never promised any results by Michael Jaurigue, only that he and his staff would work very hard on our behalf – and that is exactly what they did. Our agent was Jesse Garcia, and we were more than satisfied at the level of professionalism and personal care that Jesse gave us. Jesse kept us informed every step of the way, and even though the bank was unwilling to grant our loan modification, he and the team at Jaurigue Law Group continued to fight for us. After a long battle with the bank, they were able to come through with an amazing agreement from our bank. Our dream of keeping our home was fulfilled thanks to Jaurigue Law Group and our personal agent, Jesse Garcia. Thank you all at Jaurigue Law, for the best personal service we could have ever imagined!