Survey: Facing work discrimination common among physician moms

Working moms make many major contributions in the workplace and in society at large. Unfortunately, these hard-working individuals sometimes face unfair treatment at work. This includes discrimination.

A recent survey suggests that work discrimination is something many working mothers in the medical field are exposed to. In the survey, nearly 6,000 female doctors who have children were polled on their workplace experiences. Over two-thirds of them had more than one child. The surveyed doctors came from a wide range of medical fields.

A large majority of these physician mothers, around 78 percent, reported having been subjected to discrimination at work. Various types of discrimination were reported by the respondents, including:

  • Gender discrimination.
  • Pregnancy discrimination.
  • Maternal discrimination.

Gender discrimination was among the most commonly cited forms of discrimination in the survey. Around 66 percent of the respondents said that they had experienced such behavior.

Some of the types of unfair treatment physician moms and other working moms could experience in the workplace are prohibited by law. Gender and pregnancy discrimination are among these. Legal recourse can be available to working moms subjected to such conduct.

Many things can impact whether suspected unfair treatment a person faced at work would be deemed to be unlawful discrimination, such as pregnancy or gender discrimination. So, trying to proving workplace discrimination occurred can have complicated and challenging aspects. Given this, the help of an employment lawyer can be a key thing for a working mom, or any worker, to have when pursuing a claim related to suspected discrimination.

Source: CBS News, "4 out of 5 physician moms experience discrimination, survey finds," Mary Brophy Marcus, May 8, 2017