Employment law situation leads to lawsuit

A fire fighter who served his community for 30 years is now spending his days in court. He filed a lawsuit against his former employer in an employment law situation that occurred when his pension maxed out. He says, from that point on, he was harassed and that his chief tried to provoke him into early retirement. Many California workers may relate to the unresolved situation.

The fire fighter said he always took pride in his work and was never subjected to disciplinary action throughout his dedicated career. He has also accused his Battalion chief of accepting thousands of dollars in bribes in exchange for captains' positions. The chief has adamantly denied the accusations against him.

The veteran fire fighter says he did his best to continue working in the face of three years' worth of harassment. It ultimately got the best of him, and he took an early retirement. As for the supposed bribes, the Battalion chief says he never pushed anyone out of a job, and there's no evidence to support such claims.

The fire fighter is suing for lost promotions, lost wages and other damages. His attorneys say his claim speaks for itself. How the court will rule in this employment law case is yet to be determined. A California attorney can be of assistance to anyone facing similar problems in this state. Creating a hostile work environment and harassing someone into retirement is not only malicious, it's against the law, and a successfully litigated case can help a worker recover his or her losses.

Source: nj.com, "Firefighter suit alleges hostile workplace, bribes for promotions," Kevin Shea, Aug. 15, 2017