Civil Litigation

Civil law seeks to resolve private, non-criminal disputes by providing legal solutions to solve problems. This area of law encompasses a broad range of disputes and requires certain skills and knowledge. Our attorneys have sufficient knowledge of substantive and procedural law and they specialize in representing parties in trials, hearings and arbitrations. Their written and oral advocacy skills alongside their analytical and logical reasoning abilities allows them to fight for clients. Call us for a free consultation and allow our attorneys to fight for you.

We litigate a wide variety of civil practice areas.  Our attorneys have many years of experience helping individuals and companies in a wide range of lawsuits in state and federal courts, including:

·        Breach of Contract

·        Business Disputes

·        Class Actions

·        Real Estate Issues

·        Fraud

·        Wage-and-hour and Employment Disputes

·        Consumer Protection including violations of the TCPA and FDCPA

·        Torts including Defamation and False Light

·        Elder Abuse

·        Landlord/Tenant Issues

·        Mortgage Litigation

We have convenient locations in Southern California and Northern California, thereby allowing us to represent you in almost any state or federal court within California.

The attorneys at JLG have represented both plaintiffs and defendants throughout the years, giving them great insight into what needs to be done to resolve any matter as quickly and as efficiently as the matter permits.  We take a unique approach to each matter, providing quality services tailored to the specific client.  When prosecuting or defending your case, we take into account the strength of your position, the parties involved, and importantly, your budget.   Depending on your case, we take cases on an hourly, contingency basis, or hybrid of both.

Our attorneys have graduated from top law schools and can bring to your case excellent written and oral advocacy skills—whether it be for motion work or trial.  Our attorneys have strong analytical and negotiation skills and we aggressively pursue litigation when it is in the best interests of our clients.  If you find yourself wronged, or if you have been sued, please call us for a free half-hour consultation.