Allegations of discrimination lodged by transgender prison guard

California workers of all genders, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, race and national origin are supposed to be treated fairly in the workplace. This means they should be respected and be shielded from any form of discrimination. Unfortunately, there are times when people are discriminated against and feel compelled to seek compensation. When a person is discriminated against, it is imperative to remember that there are legal protections available.

A transgender woman who works as a corrections officer in Northern California has filed a lawsuit due to harassment and discriminatory treatment at the prison where she works. The woman told her employer five years ago that she was transitioned and would live as a woman. In that time, she has been harassed, discriminated against, and called names. Although she complained about superiors in the job not referring to her in her preferred gender, nothing was done.

She has chosen to file a lawsuit alleging a hostile workplace and discrimination. She also alleges that the treatment went beyond simple comments and became dangerous. Since working in a prison is risky in and of itself, the woman found that she was given death threats by inmates and was not informed by her bosses. She has been isolated in the workplace and feels mental and emotional stress as a result. She does not want to quit and has instead filed a lawsuit to assert her rights.

Workers who are mistreated in any way must remember that they have rights. This is true regardless of their personal situation. In the case of the corrections officer, she is in imminent danger not just because of the nature of her job but because she is not given the support she feels she needs to do her job correctly, effectively and safely. Those who are confronted with discrimination of any kind in the workplace should remember that they too have the right to seek compensation in a lawsuit and discuss a case with an experienced legal professional.

Source:, "Transgender Corrections Officer Files Anti-Discrimination, Hostile Workplace Lawsuit Against State," Lonnie Wong, Sept. 5, 2017